April 2011

Message from the President

Chamber Members:

After clarification of other events dates, lengthy discussions by the board and input by several Chamber members, we have decided to move Bailey Day away from the Burro Days weekend and are combining it with the Bailey Hundo on June 18th. We are looking forward working with the Hundo board creating the ultimate town event around the popular and growing bike race. I would like to apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this topic has produced during the last couple of months. In order to make this event a huge success, we are calling all members to volunteer and participate on the Bailey Day Committee. There are several positions open and your expertise is welcome. I would like to thank everyone involved during the March Mixer, making it a won-derful and successful fundraising event for the Chances Scholarship Program. Our April general meeting is designed around a dvertising and promoting our town with the motto "Bailey is Open". Members of the board including myself are going to present different cost effective ways to advertise your business to the local community as well as the highway traffic and tourism. Please join us for breakfast and an informative meeting on Tuesday, April 5th, 7:30am.

Make it a lucrative month,

Marcel Flukiger
President, Platte Canyon Area Chamber of Commerce

Highlighting Local Business

Mutual of Omaha Bank

Mutual of Omaha Bank strives to provide quality, personalized service to each of our customers by offering a wide range of products.

Whatever your goals are for your business - Mutual of Omaha Bank can help you achieve them. With a team of highly experienced commercial banking professionals, we take the time to understand your business, your market and your plans for the future. We offer flexible, customized financial solutions - and the financial strength to help get you where you want to go.
Mutual of Omaha Bank is committed to helping individuals and businesses build and maintain wealth by understanding their needs and dreams. Whether the focus is trust and estate services, professional investment management, brokerage and insur-ance services or private banking, the right product or service is avail-able through a dedicated relation-ship manager.

Community Association Banc is uniquely dedicated to providing comprehensive banking and fi-nancial management services to homeowner associations and other common interest communities.

At Mutual of Omaha Bank, we've taken the strength and tradition of a leading insurance company and translated it into a customer-focused community bank.

The foundation of our bank is built around experienced leadership and financial strength. From there we've added innovative products and industry-leading technology. And to top it all off, we've placed an emphasis on local manage-ment, personal relationships and community involvement.

What does that mean for you? Whether you're running a busi-ness or a household, as a Mutual of Omaha Bank customer you'll get the best of both worlds - the resources you need and the ser-vice you deserve.

26679 Pleasant Park Road
Conifer, CO 80433
Phone: 303-838-3070
Are you interested in featuring your business in our monthly newsletter? One of the perks of membership is a FREE business feature in our newsletter. Let us help you expose your business or services to all of our membership. Please contact Michelle Stuerke at pcchambersec@gmail.com if you would like your business featured here.

April Business of the Month

Pitsker & Associates, Inc.

Our Member of the Month for April is Pitsker & Associates. Pitsker & Associates, Inc. is a full service Land Surveying Company established in 1982 serving Jefferson, Park, Summit, Teller, Gilpin, Douglas, and Clear Creek counties. We survey communities all along the Front Range of Colorado with a combined experience of over 95 years for residential, commercial, and government properties.

Services Offered: Certificates - Surveys - Platting - Drafting- Plans

26689 Pleasant Park Road
Building A Suite 200
Conifer, CO 80433
pksurv@aol.com TEL 303-674-6018 FAX 303-838-7174

Fitness Tip

Summer is approaching fast. Before you know it, it will be good to get outside more often and release some of that cabin fever. Some of you will get out and overdo what-ever it is you will do. To prevent overuse injuries start your stretch-ing and strengthening now. Most importantly, start to hydrate your body with good ole’ water. It has been such a dry winter your body has no choice but to assimilate it-self to the dryness.

Muscles need water to stretch and strengthen properly. This added
water will help keep you from get-ting dizzy spells, and yes, even alti-tude sickness, due to its ability to increase your blood volume and fill up those dilated blood vessels when you start moving more. Water also helps to increase your ability to mo-bilize body fat to be used as energy, just in case you might be wondering. So drink up, water that is.

Brought to you courtesy of Sam Moy of Bailey Massage and Fitness

Spring Tip #1

Amid the endless piles of laundry, dishes, forgotten bills, and overdue library books, you have a house. A house you would desperately love to show off with pride. It makes you depressed even to think about how to get this mess organized. You feel your only hope now lies in the chance that one of your horrified relatives will recommend you for a cable show home makeover. While you’re waiting for that lightning bolt to strike, let's try instead some simple steps and ideas to help you make your home into a place that allows cleaning and organization to be easily achievable. Who knows, you might even find the cordless phone you lost months ago!

Step 1: Analysis of Areas

Grab a spiral notebook and a pen-cil. Take a few minutes and men-tally survey each room. In your notebook, jot down the problem areas in the room, putting one problem on a page. You’ll need the rest of the space on that same page for the following steps. The items on the paper should be parts of the room that really bug you, or that your family finds impossible to keep neat.

For example:

Shoes in piles next to your front door; the table in the entryway piled with mail; the magazine rack overflowing with books, mag-azines, and pamphlets; the coats, hats, and mittens etc piled in a heap next to the entryway closet. Carefully (but quickly) analyze each room in the house in this way, making a list of the areas that need improvement.

Here are rooms or parts of your home not to forget about: Junk drawers, Medicine cabinets, Garages, Closets, Storage, (including attic), Basements, Crawlspace and Outdoors

Tip: We don’t always see the disorder in these areas until we open them and try to find things.


Hundo Bike Race

The Bailey Hundo is on. The 100-mile endurance race along the Buffalo Creek Trail System and the Colorado Trail returns this year on June 18. Last year's race drew 150 athletes, who generated more than $8,000 for three youth biking initiatives and new trail construction along the Platte Canyon. Advance Colorado Fund Inc., the nonprofit race organizer, is taking applications for 250 racers, with funds supporting Trips for Kids, Colorado High School Cycling League and Kids on Bikes, as well as trail construction.

To A Fabulous Chamber Mixer!

Shore and begorrah, but a grand time was had by all at the St. Patty's day mixer held at the Rustic Station Restaurant in Bailey. The food was good, the green beer was flowing and the company was entertaining.
The mixer was a benefit for Chances Scholarship, a locally sponsored program for Platte Canyon High School graduates. Over $1700 was raised from the silent auction, with some remarkable pieces present. A huge thank you to the Chamber for sponsoring this event, thank you to the donors and the bidders.

If you missed this party and would like to donate toward education, please mail contributions to:

Heather Howard
PO Box 834
Bailey, CO 80421
Saturday June 18th ~ Bailey Hundo returns to Bailey, CO

Saturday June 18th ~ Bailey Day

Calendar of Events

April 1, 2, 22, 23
4-Course Wine Dinner at Aspen Peak Cellars
April 4—May 9
Parenting Workshop for parents with children ages 5-12 Mondays at MRC in Conifer
April 5th
Public Meeting - Proposed Amendments to the 2005 Land Use Regulations
April 11, 12
2011 Sustainable Opportunities Summit
April 12th
PCACC General Meeting at the Platte Canyon Fire Station at the Top of Crow Hill
April 14th
Destination Bailey Meeting
April 25th
Community Project at the Bailey Public Library
April 26th
PCACC Board Meeting for Board of Directors

More Information about each of these events can be found on the Chamber website at www.baileycolorado.org

Just a Reminder: the Event Calendar on the Chamber website is a great place to post your organization upcoming events.

Chamber Businesses

285 Creative
Max Murdok

Four Seasons Property Inspections, Inc.
Phil Tatro